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About Us

CERC Mission


Florida has no substantial indigenous supply of fossil fuels. As a result the state must import virtually all of the energy it uses. However, Florida (known as the Sunshine State) does have abundant solar and biomass resources. Solar and hydrogen resources and technologies, applied both electrically and thermally, can mitigate fossil fuel dependency, improve the environment, and provide the opportunity for substantial economic growth.


The CERC's mission is scientific research, technical development, infrastructure development, and information transfer. Collaboration with energy producers in the transportation sector supports the economic development of manufacturing and high technology businesses, and the nations goal of global competitiveness in technology leadership.


CERC is involved in fundamental investigations into new environmentally clean energy sources and systems - hydrogen, fuel cells, solar energy conversion, and biomass utilization - that meet the needs of both the electric power and transportation sectors.


Smart Grid Power Systems


A new thrust area for CERC is "Smart Grid Power Systems" (SPS) which aims to train the next generation of power professionals by promoting excellence in electric power education and research by developing enabling smart grid technologies. SPS partners include industry, academia, and utilities.


SPS research includes:


  • Control, communications, and computing in smart grids


  • Renewable energy grid integration


  • Smart microgrids energy management


  • Energy delivery technologies (HVDC, HVDC-light)


  • Power systems dynamics and simulation


  • Real-time system monitoring; and demand side response